jenn, zak + hadley : golden gardens

Jenn Repp is an amazing family photographer. We have photographed many weddings together and been friends for years now. I couldn't ask for a better partner and inspiring friend. Together, Jenn, Zak and Hadley are the most adorable family trio and I am so excited to share a few photographs of them. 

student work

Students at Western Washington University - Body Shots assignment. Here is a collection of student work from one of my intermediate photography course assignments and some from my lighting workshops. This class is for majors and non majors in the art department, who are exploring studio lighting for the first time. The students address a variety of issues in this work including identity, body image, fantasy, theatrics, lighting, scale, presentation and more.

FiftyThree Paper App

Sometimes you can't plan it all ahead, you just have to explore. In my early college days, I started watching a bunch of Hitchcock films and fell in love with The Birds. I loved the vintage lighting, the ridiculous characters and the seaside location at Bodega Bay. After working with for a few years, we took a company retreat down to Tamales Bay, CA while we were gearing up to launch a new version of our app Paper. It was a great chance to take the brand director and a coworker up the coast to visit Bodega Bay where we explored some photography ideas for our launch. I hadn't been there before and I was expecting it to somewhat resemble the film, but it looked nothing like it to my surprise - ha! It was however, a beautiful place to pull off the highway and take in epic views of the pacific ocean. The best part was these beds of colorful flowers and luscious succulents everywhere - and the fitting salt water sandals that Amy just happened to be wearing. I love this image!

walter + nicole : roche harbor resort

Growing up, my family took a boat trip every summer in the San Juan Islands. There was usually about four or five boats caravanning around. My cousins and I couldn't wait to get to Roche Harbor where we could take over the pool, eat ice cream and run around in the mausoleum at night and freak each other out. When my cousin Nikki told me she was getting married there, I couldn't have been more excited to be her wedding photographer. It was a real family affair. Not only was the majority of my family there, but my associate Jenn Repp of Jenn Repp Photography was shooting at my side in her last trimester. With all the warm summer memories, family and new baby to come, this was undoubtedly one of my favorite weddings. Thank you to Jenn for making the trek and taking amazing shots. 

kaitlin + jay : suncadia resort

With at least three feet of snow on the ground, Kaitlin and Jay were up for anything - my kind of peops! They fell in love over their shared interest of skiing, adventure and family values. Thanks to my favorite gal Jenn of Jenn Repp Photography for shooting by my side.