FiftyThree Paper App

Sometimes you can't plan it all ahead, you just have to explore. In my early college days, I started watching a bunch of Hitchcock films and fell in love with The Birds. I loved the vintage lighting, the ridiculous characters and the seaside location at Bodega Bay. After working with for a few years, we took a company retreat down to Tamales Bay, CA while we were gearing up to launch a new version of our app Paper. It was a great chance to take the brand director and a coworker up the coast to visit Bodega Bay where we explored some photography ideas for our launch. I hadn't been there before and I was expecting it to somewhat resemble the film, but it looked nothing like it to my surprise - ha! It was however, a beautiful place to pull off the highway and take in epic views of the pacific ocean. The best part was these beds of colorful flowers and luscious succulents everywhere - and the fitting salt water sandals that Amy just happened to be wearing. I love this image!